The VulTech® UPS30PW-DC UPS with compact dimensions, is suitable for protecting and powering devices such as modems, routers, IP cameras, video cameras and in general devices that require a power supply between 9V and 12V.

It has a USB port, an RJ45 PoE port with adjustable power (15V / 24V) and an additional RJ45 port for the passage of data packets.
The lithium batteries guarantee a long autonomy to the connected devices in the event of a power failure in the home.
They also guarantee protection from any voltage surges or overloads.
Thanks to its particularly compact size, it can be used as a travel power bank.
The VulTech® UPS is subject to continuous development and improvements.

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UPS 30W con filtro POE 15-24V

  • Brand: Vultech
  • Product Code: UPS30PW-DC UPS
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 55.00€