Terms & Conditions

Below are the rules of the Hardware & Software House (for brevity H&S), please read and accept. If you do not agree with these terms, do not make purchases.

Rule 1: Account

To make purchases on the "H&S" site it is necessary and compulsory to register. The personal data entered must be truthful as they are used not only for billing, but also for the shipment of goods.

The account is personal and the password is secret, stored in a cryptographic way and we cannot recover it in any way, the customer himself can recover it through the recovery process. In case of problems, the customer is obliged to inform us by email and / or telephone contact. We will, as soon as possible, restore the account.

The data will be processed according to EU 2016/679 EU legislation.

Rule 2: Shipping

The products purchased on "H&S" travel by express courier selected from time to time by the customer at the time of purchase. We issue the parcel tracking code to the customer via email communicated to us during registration.
The material travels at the customer's risk, we are not responsible for the material damaged during transport, we undertake to package the goods so that it can be transported undamaged, but we do not assume any risk.

Rule 3: Merchandise Management

The shipment takes place after confirmation of payment. From that moment we undertake to deliver the goods to the chosen courier within two days. We also undertake to send information on delays and / or impediments, to keep the customer informed as soon as possible through the contacts released during registration. It is the customer's responsibility to keep the data updated and truthful, we are not responsible for failure to communicate and / or inability to notify for inaccurate data. No penalty or request for compensation can be requested due to the negligence of the Customer.

Rule 4: Afterthought

The customer has 14 days from the moment of delivery of the goods as a "right of withdrawal". The customer will contact "H&S" and inform of his decision. The staff of the "H&S" will give instructions to the customer to organize the collection and return of the goods which will be borne by the Hardware & Software House.

For any dispute, the competent court is that of Perugia.

The document is updated on 2019-09-23